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Secure your business

In today's digital era, ensuring robust security isn't just a priority, it's a necessity. We embrace the comprehensive protection offered by Microsoft Security to fortify your digital boundaries. With cutting-edge tools like Microsoft Sentinel, our approach is both holistic and forward-thinking, assuring you stay protected in an ever-evolving digital landscape. Trust Ingentive to navigate the complexities of the digital security world. With Microsoft's unmatched security solutions and our expertise, we promise a safer, more secure digital experience for your organisation. Let's craft a secure digital future together. 

At Ingentive, we understand the unique challenges every client faces which is why we don't use an out of box approach but instead we build solutions tailor-made for you. 

Next level security Microsoft Sentinel is the future of Security. A cloud-native SIEM (Security information and Event Management) tool, Microsoft Sentinel offers intelligent security analytics and unparalleled threat intelligence.  
Hands-on Workshops These workshops offer deep dives into multiple security offerings including Sentinel. Join us to understand and embrace what security level your organisation needs.  
Discovery and Assesment Aligning business challenges and analysing your security footprint is essential. Dive deep into your current infrastructure to see at a glance where you need support.  
Design, and Implementation Our agile approach ensures that we understand you and provide solutions that resonate. Our experts work alongside you at every implementation phase, ensuring a successful deployment.  
Agile Project Methodology We adopt an agile project approach for all your security projects, from workshops through to delivery ensuring your solutions meet your needs while being cost-effective, functional and made to fit.  
Ongoing Support We provide continuous support via our expert managed support desk to ensure your applications run optimally. Trust Ingentive to keep your operations smooth, efficient, and aligned with your objectives.   
Your next level security

Microsoft Azure Sentinel

Microsoft Azure Sentinel is a cloud-native solution delivering intelligent security analytics and threat intelligence for organisations of all sizes. Consolidate all your security measures into one unified solution, offering a bird-eye view of your operations. With advanced attack detection, threat visibility, proactive hunting, and threat response, Microsoft Sentinel can protect organisations against increasingly sophisticated threats.

Data collection & analysis

Gather data from devices, applications and infrastructure with Microsoft Sentinel to review and identify any weaknesses or threats. This provides a holistic view of your security landscape, making it easier to be prepared for any actions required.

Detection of undetected threats

Sentinel integrates with various Microsoft products, such as Azure Active Directory, Microsoft 365, and Azure Security Center. With this ability, you can enhance visibility across different aspects of your operations and detect potential anomalies.

Threat investigation with AI

Sentinel deploys machine learning, AI, and behavioral analytics to detect advanced and evolving threats. You can locate unusual patterns and anomalies across your organisation’s environment, providing early detection of potential breaches.

Rapid incident resolution

With real-time insight collection and analysis, you can use Microsoft Sentinel to make quick decisions and visualise your security results with customised dashboards. Automated actions can also be activated for certain events, saving you time.


Our promise to you

Best Practises Implementing Microsoft's security suite requires precision. We guide you through implementation best practices for Microsoft Security and offer insights on how to optimise Microsoft Security settings. 
Deployment & Scaling Whether you're looking to understand how to deploy Microsoft Sentinel or need strategies on how to scale Azure Sentinel for large organisations, our experts are just a call away. 
Dedicated Support From understanding how Azure Sentinel handles threat intelligence to discovering which data sources can integrate with Microsoft Sentinel, our dedicated support ensures you always have answers. 

Collaborate with your teams

We'll ensure that your security teams collaborate more efficiently by providing an advanced platform for sharing insights on investigations, and coordinating incident response actions. You'll always stay updated about the latest threats and attack techniques to protect your workplace.

With Ingentive, you'll also have the ability to adjust resources as needed, ensuring that your platform grows with the necessary security requirements.

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How can Ingentive help?

Microsoft Security Overview Our workshops provide a deep dive into the sophisticated world of Microsoft Security. Understand the intricate Microsoft Security architecture that's been crafted to provide robust defences against an array of digital threats.   
Features and Benefits We can help you explore the myriad features of Microsoft Security. Learn why countless companies opt for Microsoft Security over competitors and witness firsthand the unmatched benefits of Microsoft Security for businesses.   
Get Started Pondering a security overhaul? We can help you delve into Microsoft Security subscription pricing or test its capabilities with a trial version. Get in touch If you're eager to deepen your knowledge of the benefits of Microsoft Security.  

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