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Managed Services

IT support in trusted hands

Taking on digital transformation is never easy. Changing how you work involves multiple areas of the business and many moving parts which is why we also offer full support post-project delivery.  From Change Management through to fully robust managed services across multiple expert areas.

The solutions we deliver at Ingentive are intended to deliver lasting benefits and support and your transformation programme with long term, sustainable and optimised products.  It doesn’t stop there for us, or our partnership and our Managed Services provide assurance for the users of the technology we deliver.


HelpDesk Support

Our Service Desk offers comprehensive assistance to your end-users, freeing you up to concentrate on refining your IT strategy and overseeing your system operations.

We extend our support to both your on-site and cloud-based services, as well as a wide range of devices, operating systems, and applications

Power Platform Support

We offer full post project support for your Microsoft Power Platform builds, enabling you to build with confidence and move away from the unreliability of costly third party applications and support.

We provide dedicated support exclusively for Microsoft Power Platform, ensuring seamless functionality across all its services and features.

App Support

We take on the ongoing management of your application whether we developed it or you are transitioning from another partner.

Our  service combines Microsoft Azure cloud support with application support, leveraging our considerable experience in both areas to provide a support service wrapped around your application.

Expert Advice We provide dependable, adaptable and straightforward assistance suitable for organisations large and small. Whether you've got an internal IT team requiring backup or lack such resources altogether, as your go-to for Microsoft management and support, we'll bring our specialised knowledge to the table to ensure top-notch service for your end users  
Modern work Support

Our Modern Work Support Service grants you fast-track access to skilled professionals who can guide, implement, and integrate your unfolding digital approach.

Benefit from expert advice with guaranteed service levels, giving you peace of mind.

Change Management

Our Change Management support provides an efficient, forward-thinking approach to guide and bolster the organisational shifts that come with moving to Microsoft Cloud solutions.  

Fro training sessions to full change delivery, we can help support your end users through any business transformation.

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Supporting your organisation

Enquiries are varied and can simply be a call down of hours for additional consultancy, to longer term maintenance for the support of upgrades with automated testing including analysis and IT architecture. 

Select your preferred proposition and collaborate with a responsive team working to agreed SLAs with structured reporting for progress and costs against budget. Clear communication with a roadmap for changes and proposed improvements are also provided for you.

Whatever your requirements are, Ingentive are here to support you every step of the way. We utilise our expertise across Power Platform, M365, Security and Data to ensure you receive the services you deserve. 

Why choose our managed services?

Your solutions led by experts

As a managed service provider (MSP), Ingentive has expertise across many Microsoft solutions and we're able to quickly respond to any enquiry. This expertise ensures that your organisation's IT environment is well-maintained and optimised where possible.



Cyber threats are a critical concern for organisations of all sizes. You should have robust security measures in place to protect data and systems from any vulnerability. These measures are provided by Ingentive expert, here to assist you where it matters most.

Customised solutions As you know, each IT needs are unique. We offer tailored solutions that align with your specific requirements and budget to ensure the best success possible.

High availability is critical when it come to managed services, to ensure that your systems and services are always accessible. Our experts are always here to support you.

Response time With busy schedules and evolving cyber threats, it's all about timing. You'll have access to a helpdesk assisting with technical issues and emergencies quickly. 
Reporting To fully understand how we proceed, you need regular updates, and reports on the health and performance of your IT systems.
Compliance As we work work across many different industries, we understand that specific regulations and compliance standards may apply. 

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