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Want to see first-hand how your organisation can track and report its carbon footprint as part its sustainability challenges?

Do you want to provide individual employees and project teams data-driven actionable insights which allows your organisation to achieve its sustainability goals and objectives?

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EnviroTrak is currently in preview mode and we currently looking for a limited number of organisations to participate in a free trial to provide feedback as we prepare for the upcoming launch. 



Contact us to discuss in more detail or fill out  the request form below to sign up today!

Envirotrak (strapline) logo full colour
EnviroTrak Free Demo & 30-Day Trial
Many organisations have already invested in carbon footprint reduction and committed to net-zero goals, however  don't know where to start in monitoring progress towards these targets.   
With our demo and 30-day trial offer, the Akari Team will demonstrate how EnviroTrak works and allows your organisation to make informed data-driven decisions around it's sustainability goals and objectives.
Our team comprised of Microsoft certified developers and solution architects will show you how every employee can contribute and most importantly action individual, project and team sustainability targets and performance.
Let's do something amazing together!
Sign up for the Demo & 30 Day Free trial offer today.


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In today's current climate crisis how can one person make a difference?

Now more than ever, people and organisations  want to reduce their carbon footprint as part of their sustainability goals.

But how do you realistically track, report, and most importantly action this?

Microsoft #BuildFor2030: Accelerating solutions for a sustainable future 

The #BuildFor2030 initiative features Microsoft partners and their innovations, recognised for enabling a more inclusive, equitable, and sustainable world.

We're extremely proud to say that Akari is one a select few partners chosen by Microsoft to participate in #BuildFor2030 with EnviroTrak featured as one of the showcase solutions.

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