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Data & Analytics


Data is the lifeblood of any business and we understand the unparalleled importance of harnessing data to drive transformative decisions. Through our strategic adoption of Microsoft Data and Analytics tools, we illuminate the path to actionable insights, blending potent technologies with the agility of the Power Platform. Dive with us into the fascinating realm of Microsoft's Data & AI universe. 

At Ingentive, we understand the unique challenges every client faces which is why we don't use an out of box approach but instead we build solutions tailor-made for you. 

Getting it right We help you understand Microsoft Data solutions and their empowering Analytics tools. From Power BI through Azure Data Lake insights and the unmatched SQL Server Analytics capabilities  
Hands-on Workshops These workshops allow you to engage with learning tailored around Power BI and  SQL Server data tools and offer insights into Azure Data Factory to elevate your data acumen.   
Discovery and Assesment Aligning business challenges with your data solutions is imperative. With Ingentive, you embark on a journey of business growth underpinned by insightful assessments.   
Agile Project Methodology Adopt an agile project approach for all your Microsoft data and analytics projects, ensuring your solutions meet your needs while being cost-effective and of high quality.   
Design, and Implementation Our agile approach ensures that your data solutions resonate with your business needs. Our experts work alongside you at every implementation phase, ensuring a successful deployment.  
Ongoing Support We provide continuous support via our managed support offerings to ensure your solutions run optimally. Trust Ingentive to keep your operations smooth, efficient, and aligned with your objectives.   


Power BI Power BI Go beyond mere data representation. With Power BI data visualisation techniques, breathe life into your raw data. Whether it is Power BI Desktop vs. Power BI Service or embedding engaging Power BI reports in apps, our expertise ensures a seamless experience. Harness the vast array of Power BI data connectors for an integrated analytics experience.   
azuremore Azure Data Factory Azure Data Factory architecture. Realise your data movement strategies seamlessly with Data movement in Azure Data Factory. From implementing intricate Azure Data Factory pipelines to setting up responsive Azure Data Factory connectors and triggers, automate and streamline your data flows with precision whilst ensuring your infrastructure can scale as quickly as you need.  
synapse Azure Synapse Venture into the future with Azure Synapse Analytics. Architect next-gen analytics solutions with Azure Synapse and delve deep into Azure Synapse data integration. Discover how Azure Synapse trumps traditional data warehouses and elevates your real-time analytics capabilities, harnessing the power of your data.  

The Power in Data

Unlocking pivotal advantages to stay ahead in today's fiercely competitive marketplace hinges not just on insights but on actionable, data-driven wisdom. Yet, how can your organisation guarantee that its digital infrastructure, along with these invaluable insights, can adapt and sustain through ever-changing landscapes?

We can help you furnish an extensive portfolio of data engineering solutions tailored to amplify your data's potential. From constructing seamless Extract, Transform, Load/Extract, Load, Transform (ETL/ELT) mechanisms for fluid data movement to upgrading your existing Data Warehouse into the Cloud, we make real-time, cloud-based intelligence a reachable reality for your team. Experience firsthand the transformative capabilities the Cloud can offer your enterprise.

Why Ingentive?

There is a multitude of partners out there who work with cutting-edge technologies so why choose Ingentive for your Data & Analytics journey?

We are a safe pair of hands. We have worked with clients across the globe on projects from small pilots to rollouts with some of the largest companies in the world.  We have won multiple awards and accolades, but most importantly.  We believe that every technology project starts with YOU, the client. 

We believe that every client is an individual, and we celebrate that uniqueness.  We work with technology but build around you.  Your organisation needs strengths and values.  

Power BI


Get in touch to find out how we worked with a global retailer to help deliver dashboards based on shifts for Microsoft Teams. And how by automating routine inquiries, we showcased how healthcare providers can forget about mundane tasks and focus on providing superior care. 

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