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Your VIP workforce: engage them.

Employee experience

Posted by Kate Charlton

2020 was a nightmare, let us be honest. 2021 has not exactly got off to a fabulous start for most people either. However, despite the challenges we have all faced over the last 18 months or so, some good has come out of these unusual times.

Our employees are speaking out, mental and physical wellbeing is at the forefront of our minds, and employee engagement is finally getting the recognition it deserves. Most companies now realise that employees really are your greatest asset. I have been fortunate to work for management teams who listen to your needs (both personal and professional) and truly support you and they make you feel like part of an inclusive team – they themselves are always accessible and approachable. I have also experienced the opposite. Shut off employees who have no desire to work hard for management and help their business improve because they don’t feel valued or cared for.

How do we engage our employees when we are all sat in separate rooms?

Be honest, how many of us realised there was a significant amount of homeworking on the way and said ‘QUICK, press GO on Microsoft Teams!’? There were also some people sat smugly whilst their teams of people carried on pretty much as normal. That is all well and good but now it is time to step things up, no matter which of those groups you were in. Your employees need more from you – they need that sense of teamwork, learning & CPD, social events and office camaraderie.

Allow me to introduce you to Microsoft Viva. Work is no longer a ‘place’ as we enter this new digital era. Microsoft Viva is a tool within Microsoft Teams that allows you to improve company culture, employee wellbeing and encourage knowledge sharing and learning. Microsoft Viva contains four modules to help you achieve this:

  • Viva Connections – a digital representation of your office with links to your SharePoint. This includes news, policies, clubs and groups. Bring back staffroom/cantine camaraderie!
  • Viva Insights – give your employees some time. Have you heard of the ‘virtual commute’ yet? Insights helps managers understand if their employees are at risk of burnout and gives them a chance to do something about it.
  • Viva Topics – employees spend an average of 7 weeks per year searching for information or re-creating content. Your internal search engine sat within Teams.
  • Viva Learnings – allow your managers to assign training and encourage CPD. Your can track employee progress and support them throughout their learning journey.

Did you know 94% of employees will stay in a job longer if their employer invests in their learning? Bad retention is expensive; recruitment companies are charging between 8% & 35% of an annual salary, and then there is the investment of time, training and new equipment or licenses. 77% of adults would consider company culture before even apply to a job.

We should focus on our people and culture, yes?

‘Give me a piece of this!’, I hear you say. Get in touch and we can arrange an informal free consultation with one of our experienced team, or we can explore  Microsoft Viva Workshops for a deep dive into how Microsoft Viva could transform your organisation. We’ll also give you access to our free Teams app to aid employee inclusion and accessibility.