what is yourspaces

What is YourSpaces?


Posted by Akari Solutions

Sixty-three percent of high-growth companies already use a hybrid ‘productivity anywhere’ workforce model, according to an Accenture report.

Unfortunately, many organisations are still having to work hard to make it the productive paradise they want it to be. Helping everyone to feel safe as they return to the office and managing flexible work spaces are just a couple of the key challenges that need resolving.

The question is: could your company level up its efforts and forge a better hybrid working environment?

Let’s explore a tool that can help.

Introducing: YourSpaces

Put simply, YourSpaces by Akari is an application that empowers your staff to book accessible desks, meeting rooms, parking spaces and equipment.

Created with inclusion in mind, your team can now create and live in a dynamic working environment that brings out the best in everyone.

How does it work?

Like putting on a tailored suit, it'll feel natural for your teams to use YourSpaces.

Using an interactive visual floor plan, employees can view available desk spaces and meeting rooms in your office. Then, they can simply request a space for the time and date they need. If a booking request is successful, your employee will receive an email notification with confirmation, as well as a QR code allowing them to check-in.

If a space needs approval from a manager, the manager gets a Teams notification and email. They can then approve or deny the request in seconds.

YourSpaces is designed to work for all members of your team. For example, those needing wheelchair access can choose a space that matches their needs.

As a result, you'll build a more inclusive office where everyone feels confident, protected and valued. In turn, allowing them to bring their productivity A-game every day of the week.

The value of YourSpaces

Here are the benefits you’ll enjoy with our tool:

  • Boost productivity and get the most out of your facilities.
  • Comply with government covid-19 guidelines around capacity.
  • Report usage and data insights with convenient bolt-ons.
  • Ensure your working environment is safe and secure.
  • Build an inclusive and welcoming workplace that staff enjoy.

Build your dream hybrid workplace

'Work with teams to create the best possible experiences and spaces for staff at home, in the office, in other shared spaces, while doing what you can to shape and manage occupancy levels to support those experiences and the organisation’s needs.’ - Craig Hughes, Global Real Estate & Hybrid Transformation Leader, PwC UK

Embracing a hybrid workplace can be an exciting endeavor. But it isn't without its challenges. Whether it's an employee who feels nervous about working in the office or managing workplace capacity to meet government guidelines, there are hurdles to overcome.

Ultimately, you need to ensure you keep employee experience, safety and inclusivity at the forefront of your organisation's priorities.

YourSpaces by Akari is the intuitive solution that makes the difference.

Would you like to find out how YourSpaces can streamline your office resource management?

Then speak with one of our team, for more info or to arrange a YourSpaces demo.     

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