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Webinar; Meet AVA – The chat bot that increases productivity


Posted by Lindsay Climson

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Meet AVA – The learning virtual assistant that helps your business increase productivity and improve employee engagement.

When: Friday 29th May 2020, 4.00pm

Duration: 60 minutes

Find out what lessons we learned from building AVA, using Azure and the Teams Solution Framework, and how Chatbots can boost productivity in your organisation.

Akari Virtual Assistant (AVA) is the only Chatbot built on Teams. Speeding up response times and answering up to 80% of routine questions, AVA allows users to focus on key tasks and ultimately make quicker and more informed decisions.  AVA allows employees to find information or documents quickly and connect with colleagues; boosting engagement and job satisfaction, saving businesses time and money.

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About Akari:

Akari strive to inspire change with inventive and creative technologies to further enable peoples experience. We specialise in delivering change management & IP, creating inclusivity by design and supporting every employee as an individual.