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Microsoft Power Platform Laptop

A chat with our CEO, Andrea Bright: Why should businesses focus on Microsoft's Power Platform?

A chat with Akari's CEO, Andrea Bright. In today's fast-paced world, businesses are facing unprecedented challenges in managing their processes.

Persona Analysis: The Key to Unlocking Success

Maximise the impact of your change management efforts with persona analysis. Explore the benefits of understanding your target audience, see real-world...

Reimagining Retail; Interact and collaborate with your frontline workers like never before!

Organisations with a high percentage of frontline workers typically share information in communal areas such as staff rooms using pin boards.

Improving corporate culture to drive innovation

As employees’ priorities continue to shift, now focusing more on culture and personal wellbeing, it is vital leadership stay connected and in touch. There is a...

Driving adoption & productivity with a people first approach

Achieving a successful technical rollout means focussing on driving adoption and ensuring everyone understands the benefits of working in a new way. Akari take...

Two colleagues laughing at a desk

How to boost employee experience with Microsoft Viva

Employee experience and wellbeing need to evolve with hybrid and remote work. Microsoft Viva could be the key to that evolution. Here's why.

Man raising arms in front of city skyline

Your VIP workforce: engage them.

Here's how you can engage your workforce using Microsoft Viva.

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Change in 60 – Manchester: Using technology to create inclusive employee experiences

Join Akari at Change in 60 for practical guidance on how to improve employee experience.