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How organisations can keep their public health data secure yet accessible
microsoft power apps

How to drive efficiencies with Microsoft Power Apps

Could Microsoft Power Apps help your company improve its efficiency? Read our article to find out what's possible.

data compliance

How public sector agencies can ensure data compliance standards when sharing data

Does your organisation data with other public sector agencies? Here's how you can ensure complete data compliance.

custom app development

3 challenges of custom app development (and how to overcome them)

Here are the top three challenges of custom app development and how you can successfully overcome them.

microsoft teams

Microsoft Teams is for life, not just for pandemics

Since the start of the pandemic, Microsoft Teams has amassed 145m daily users. But not many businesses know how to make the most of their Teams experience.

data security best practices

7 essential data security best practices

With the average enterprise data breach costing £1.04m you can't cut corners on your IT security. Here are our 7 essential data security practices.

what is yourspaces

What is YourSpaces?

Create a safe and secure hybrid workplace with YourSpaces. Here’s a guide to what the application does and how it will help your business.

A plane on a runway

Akari Solutions: Menzies Aviation Case Study

Menzies turned to trusted Microsoft partner, Akari Solutions – a specialist in intelligent cloud solutions, change management & custom applications.

Two colleagues laughing at a desk

How to boost employee experience with Microsoft Viva

Employee experience and wellbeing need to evolve with hybrid and remote work. Microsoft Viva could be the key to that evolution. Here's why.

Hacker on laptop illustrating cyber security threats

3 hybrid working cyber security threats and how to defend against them

Hybrid working offers a productive way of working. But it also comes with risks. Find out what the main threats are and how to mitigate them.