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Power Platform: Supporting safe and flexible return to work


Posted by Charlie Phipps

Power Platform: Supporting safe flexible working for all employees and visitors

COVID 19 has changed the future of working, and now 73% of people in the UK want a hybrid working environment moving forward meaning organisations must manage a more complex hybrid workforce.

With 82% of company leaders allowing employees to work remotely at least some of the time, it is now more than ever, important for organisations to use their data to drive business decisions on office utilisation. How can this be achieved? YourSpaces.

Is it about time, your organisation took a modern approach to hybrid working and the ‘new way of working’?

With YourSpaces, you can manage building access requests for employees or guests, as well as an individual desk, meeting room, and parking booking request in one convenient app. Accessed through Microsoft Teams and integrated with your Outlook calendar, the app allows users to quickly view and request:

  • Meeting rooms, desks, or parking spaces which can be booked freely
  • Meeting rooms, desks, or parking spaces that require managers’ approval
  • Accessible spaces such as wheelchair-friendly desks, adjustable height desks, quiet zones or electric parking

This is great but how does this drive business decisions on office utilisation?

Using YourSpaces dashboard, leadership team can analyse and view data to help drive business decisions. As you can see from the dashboard below. You can view which desks or meeting rooms are being utilised and when. From this data, you can establish areas of the office that are popular or areas of the office that are not utilised.

At the very heart of YourSpaces is an understanding of well-being. It’s no secret how difficult the past 18 months has been, and many people have really struggled to get a grip with mental health and worrying about returning to the workplace. In all honesty, for a lot of people it is actually a pretty frightening experience returning to the workplace. Where do you sit? Are parking spaces still available? What if someone is sitting in the seat you used to frequent every single day? Then there are the post pandemic worries to compound that. Should I be wearing a mask? What are the social distancing rule? Has there been a Covid-19 outbreak in the office? What happens next?

That’s where the YourSpaces app comes in, it literally streamlines and simplifies the whole process of returning to work for your employees.

Perhaps the icing on the deliciously creamy cake for YourSpaces is that it is built on the Microsoft product stack. With that comes reliability and also the trust factor of this nifty little app being the complete solution. Here’s just some of the YourSpaces highlights to really get your teeth into:

  • Built entirely through the Microsoft Power Platform Suite
  • Interactive Floor Plans
  • Data Insight – can drive business decision on office utilisation.
  • Data Insight – can track and trace who was in the office.
  • Data Insight – view office trends
  • Inclusive and Diverse (for all employees and guests)
  • Automatic confirmation and unique QR Codes
  • F&Q Chatbot to guide you through return to work
  • Implement measures to comply with COVID Legislation

If your interest has now been truly piqued, that’s okay, we thought that might happen. Make sure you join us for the YourSpaces walkthrough demonstration on Wednesday 29th September at 10am.