How organisations can keep their public health data secure yet accessible

How organisations can keep their public health data secure yet accessible

Cyber Security

Posted by Akari Solutions

With cyber security issues increasing over the pandemic, and public health data breaches hitting the news, it's never been more important to boost security.

Thankfully, with modern tools and strategies, you can secure your data while making it accessible to the right people.

Let's take a look at the most important approaches you'll want to adopt.

Embrace staff training

Your data security is only as strong as the weakest link in the chain. Or, in this case, your least security-aware staff member.

To ensure everyone acts appropriately, you'll want to hold workshops where you up-skill staff. We can chat to you about upskilling sessions for both your technical team and end users.

It's important to focus on both general data security principles and those specific to the public health data landscape. For example, your team needs to know the rules around requests for public health data from third parties. Here is a detailed guide on the topic.

Deploy security policies

You'll also want to adopt a series of security policies to protect the public health data you hold.

These include:

  • Adopting a strong bring your own device (BYOD) policy.
  • Ensuring multi-factor authentication is always on.
  • Adding security and convenience with single sign on (SSO).
  • Controlling access to managed devices.

These are the fundamentals, but be sure to follow Microsoft's latest advice for the public sector.

Collaborate with Teams

By using modern collaboration tools, like Teams, you can do away with cumbersome email threads and ensure everyone inside and outside your organisation have the information they need. Crucially, you can also manage access and permission to keep everything watertight.

Here are some features that help when working together with Teams:

  • Share any kind of file. Whether it's uploading files to channels, chats, or meetings, you can add files for secure use.
  • Control who has access. You can limit who can access, view, or edit files for individuals in your own or other agencies.
  • Collaborate easily. Working with others on the same document is painless. And, you can keep things clear by using automated sync and version history tracking.

Connect the dots

If you want to take your data accessibility a step further, build an integrated platform that brings the Power Platform and Teams together under one roof (perfect if you’ve already invested in Microsoft licensing). This assembles your data and collaboration needs into one well-optimised and secure home.

With the right support, it's straightforward to set up systems that suit your situation, whether your agency works alone or with others.

Protect and de-silo your data the smart way

Without the right security processes, your public health data may be at risk of costly leaks.

Thankfully, there are many clear ways to achieve this – including using Teams and building a central hub. However, if you lack the skills in-house, it can be hard to connect and configure your applications to work seamlessly together. So, why not get support from those who have done it before?

If you'd like to chat with our team to find out what's possible, please reach out today.

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