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Change in 60 – Manchester: Using technology to create inclusive employee experiences

Employee experience

Posted by Lindsay Climson

Change in 60: How technology can create inclusive employee experiences and deliver exceptional business results

Are you tasked with helping your organisation to achieve more with your latest technology rollout? If so, even the best and most exciting technology stack will not achieve the desired impact if employees do not adopt the new tech.

Join Akari at Change in 60 for practical guidance on how to improve employee experience, help them reach their full potential and ultimately deliver exceptional business results.

Including an exciting talk from guest speaker Kate Wood from Engage Your People.

Where & When: Thursday 27th February at the Express Building Manchester – Huckletree

What to expect:

Empowering employees by being clear, transparent and engaging with their feedback makes for far smoother transitions.

A successful rollout involves driving adoption and ensuring everyone understands the benefits of working in a new way. It’s about understanding the business challenges that the technology will address, with solutions created by Microsoft technologies; and ensuring that the people across your organisation can embrace these.

During this session, we’ll cover some of the topics below, showcasing how other organisations have transitioned to new technologies:

  • Assessing the Change
  • Workforce Analysis
  • Change Network & Resistance Planning
  • Planning to Drive Change

Kate Wood: Engage Your People

Technology was driving culture – now culture is driving technology..

Employee disengagement is a global issue. Only 15% of employees are engaged in their jobs (Gallup). Utilising digital transformation, Kate Wood is on a mission to change this.  Organisations with engaged employees see 17% higher productivity, 21% higher profitability, 10% higher customer satisfaction and 41% lower absenteeism.

This  session will tackle digital transformation, engagement, performance in a modern workplace.

Kate is a passionate and entertaining public speaker and promises you will leave the session armed, inspired and empowered to make changes in your workplace.

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About Akari:

Akari strive to inspire change with inventive and creative technologies to further enable peoples experience. We specialise in delivering change management & IP, creating inclusivity by design and supporting every employee as an individual.