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Intelligent Automation Webinar


Posted by Kayleigh Provan

Join Our Webinar discussing the benefits of Automation, and to access your FREE 1 day Discovery Workshop!

When: Wednesday 15th April 2020, 4.00pm

Duration: 60 minutes

During the current crisis, businesses are facing higher demand with reduced resources. There’s never been a better time to implement intelligent automation; allowing your organisation to increase productivity and free up more time for front-line workers to do what’s most important.

This session will take you through the range of automation technologies available and which one is best for your business.

Automate with Akari …

Our free one day discovery workshop is delivered remotely and includes;

  • An Introduction to Intelligent Automation
  • Attended vs Unattended Robots
  • Process Evaluation & Organisational Readiness
  • Findings Report on the Process most Suitable for RPA

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