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Purple background with Akari and Woolf Partner logos

Woolf Partners Acquires Akari Solutions Group Ltd

Woolf Partners Acquires Akari Solutions Group Ltd

Break the Stigma & Achieve More by Championing D&I

Companies are missing out on many opportunities and talent in the market by overlooking those with disabilities. How can you make your business more accessible?

Reduce the risk of fines within the oil and gas industry and help meet net zero targets

With the extensive sustainability targets and regulations set in place for the oil and gas industry, how can you avoid breaking them and facing up to millions...

Microsoft Ignite October 2022 Highlights

Microsoft hosted Ignite, a yearly conference specifically for developer's and IT professionals. In this blog we will cover off the biggest announcements from...

Reimagining Retail; Interact and collaborate with your frontline workers like never before!

Organisations with a high percentage of frontline workers typically share information in communal areas such as staff rooms using pin boards.

More than just a conversation: Make your online meetings count with these 7 Microsoft Teams features

At Akari, we like to find solutions, not problems! Providing you with the help to make sure you leverage the full capabilities of the Microsoft stack and...

Improving corporate culture to drive innovation

As employees’ priorities continue to shift, now focusing more on culture and personal wellbeing, it is vital leadership stay connected and in touch. There is a...

Driving adoption & productivity with a people first approach

Achieving a successful technical rollout means focussing on driving adoption and ensuring everyone understands the benefits of working in a new way. Akari take...

How Power Pages cut third party costs

Want to utilise the latest features of Power Platform? Discover how the latest module, Power Pages, helps increase developer productivity whilst cutting...