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3 challenges of custom app development (and how to overcome them)


Posted by Akari Solutions

Like preparing for a mountain ascent, you'll want to ensure you're ready for the challenges that inevitably come with custom app development.

Just the same, the rewards of getting to the top of the mountain (or completing your new app) will be worth it when you get there. But the journey can be a struggle at times.

Today, we'll look at three of the top challenges of custom app development, as well as how you can overcome them.

Challenge #1: Reaching objectives

When you fail to properly understand the goals and requirements of your app development, you run the risk of delivering software that falls short.

To avoid this, you'll want to:

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  • Map features and functions that the app must have, and record these in clear terms that both technical and non-technical staff can understand.
  • Use software and tools to gather and keep track of all requirements. Here are a few options to get you started.

Challenge #2: Cost management

Custom app development can lead to spiralling costs if you aren't careful. 

Naturally, mapping out all costs on the front end will help you stay within budget.

Crucially, you'll want to dig deep and look at all costs that will occur, including the long-term implications of working with a certain app. For example, if you work with license technology where you pay per seat, then you need to factor this in. This means considering both the costs for your current headcount and the implications if you grow as a business.

Challenge #3: Staying on track

The last thing you want is to waste time moving in the wrong direction once the app development process beings. Planning ahead and maintaining consistent progress reviews will ensure this doesn't happen.

At Akari, we use feedback loops as soon as possible. We find this especially necessary when working with applications that are intricate or have multiple languages involved. However, even if your app development looks straightforward, don't get complacent - feedback loops still matter.

Choose your partners well

From clarifying your goals to staying on track, we have covered some of the top challenges that scupper custom app development.

That said, one of the most important things we've not addressed is ensuring that you collaborate with experienced partners. After all, why take risks with your app development when you can team up with those who have been there and done it before?

If you'd like a chat with our expert team to see if Akari could be a good fit for your needs, please reach out today.